Earth Season 1709

The Lunar Invasion

Earth Season started well for the Lunars, with the allying of the Inhuman King. This enabled the Lunar army to quickly over-run Boldhome by using the Dragonnewts from their nest in the Quivin Mountains, thus surrounding the troops stationed in Jonstown. By the end of the season a victorious army held a line along the shores of the Creek.

The Journeys of Janno Roth

Returning from Boldhome, Janno, Harald, and Igor decided to gather their compatriots and try to discover what malaise had struck the inhabitants of the Northern Towns to make them give up so easily. These companions were Thomas Traymore (Wind Lord, Windsword's weilder), Laryth Swiftsword (Wind Lord), Garion I (Flintnail heretic), and Janno's sister Alicia (Healer).

After a prolonged discussion broken only for a couple of divinations, it was decided that there must be a spirit of Gbaji loose in the land, and that the best way of dealing with this would be to follow in the footsteps of the Legend Arkat.

First however, the party, following a clue in one of the visions received from Issaries headed up towards Crabtown, there to meet with the spider-Mistress Cragspider herself. They then progressed Westwards to the Ivory Plinth encountering only an unseasonal snowstorm on the way there.

For the sake of the party, a veil will be drawn over the rescue of the Lady Amelia and her fabulous heirloom diamond necklace from the giants and cave trolls.

At the plinth the party was treated with customary derision by the Tusk Riders who make it their home, but they did manage to find out that there is an item of immense power buried under it. Somehow they escaped with their lives.

Riding away from the Tusk riders environs, the party headed back East, to attempt to find Jo Mith's trail (which Janno had had described to him by Harry Bushtill, a one-time acolyte of Jo's) before the onslaught of Storm Season and the precarious weather that would surely bring. They did eventually manage to find the right pass, but were stuck for over a week in a rude shelter whilst Valind did his best to impede their flight.

Harry Bushtill

Having made his farewells from his comrades in quest, Harry decided to take his hero gift and head down to the spirit pool in the Hollow. He escaped with an intellect spirit, and returned to Balazar to be ready to participate in the Great Hunt (thus fulfilling his Found Child responsibilities).

The Humakti

Having returned from their great quest, the party led by the Lady Rowena roam around the Western edges of Sartar, and at Stone Cross,are fortunate enough to be given gifts by Ironhoof for making it rain again - Rowena chooses a site for a temple of Humakt, known as the Temple Of The Golden Tree. After the tree that was planted there with Tozer's spirit seed. This temple is situated on the North-Western slope of the range of hills separating Beast Valley from the Sun Dome. After the Temple is consecrated, then the group head east as Vladimir needs to return to Corflu, to complete his shamanic initiation.

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