Fire Season 1709

The Lunar Invasion

Due to the heavy rains experienced during the first few weeks of Fire Season, the Lunar advance was considerably slowed down, causing a snap inspection at Furthest by the Twin Stars. The army do manage in the end to capture Glasswall, and Alda-Chur surrenders peacefully following the appearance in the town of a man who walks around preaching and riddling with the inhabitants.

A further advance for the Lunars is the sudden death of the Prince of Sartar, apparently he died in a climbing 'accident'. The coronation ceremony for Prince Salinarg on Day 88 was beset by several bad omens, including the entire royal line swearing servitude and honour to Humakt.

Just when the Lunar Commander-In-Chief was starting to think things were finally going his way again, the Tarsh exiles decide to throw in their lot with the Sartar defenders and in a valiant effort manage to re-capture Bagnot.

The Journeys of Janno Roth

The start of 1709 had seen the Issaries Rune Priest from Jonstown, Janno Roth sitting on an island in the Colianthor Sea waiting for the appearance of Harrek the Berserk and the Wolf Pirate fleet which various omens and prophesies had led him to believe would arrive in that part of the world to gain their help against the Lunars.

Two compatriots of his from the Vale of the Dwarven Kingdom in the Southern foothills of Wintertop, Harald the Pol Joni and Igor the Yelmalion, are sent to fetch Janno so that he can represent King Garion I at the coronation on day 88. They do so on Freezeday of Deathweek, and 2-step to Wintertop from Storm Walk Mountain in order to make it on time, arriving on Clayday of Stasisweek.

Following the rather disastrous, if eventually successful, crowning ceremony they decide they must seek the advice of their ancestors. So the evening of Fireday saw them by the Flame Of Sartar where they did perform mighty offerings of Power, and were blessed with an audience of the spirits of Sartar and one Redbeak the Duck. The advice they gained was somewhat contradictory, but useful in a offbeat way. Here was the rebellion born.

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