Dark Season 1709

The Lunar Invasion

Campaigning effectively stopped for the winter with the onset of Dark Season, the Lunar's re-inforcing their barracks against possible attacks from the Trolls of Dagori Inkarth and Battle Valley.

Janno's Travels

The group has settled in (as much as they can) in what passes for the only inn in Dykene (in Balazar). It's not known whether Thomas and Laryth are merely being helpful in trying Garion's new winter brews, or whether they are merely trying to escape the attentions of the far too many Yelmalions in the citadel.

Harry Bushtill

It's early Dark Season by the time Harry arrives back at Elkoi, and starts making preparations for the Great Hunt that's due in Storm Season.

The Humakti

Having crossed southern Sartar, and followed the southern caravan route across Prax, the group arrives at the Block and encounters a fortune teller called 'the Lady Sol' who is blind with spider-web tatoo's. She forecasts that neither of the two trolls will survive for long. At the Paps, Bink encounters Kelly Coppereye, the High Priestess and after the usual poetry, it turns out that she does know of some chaos which needs fighting at Sog's ruins. In company with an Axe lady of Barbeester Gor and four of her initiates, the party successfully deal with a gang of dinosaur broo infesting the ruins - but in the melee, Arath is killed, but his spirit is bound into a seed, for planting at the Temple of the Tree of Gold as a guardian spirit, when next they return home.

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Storm Season 1709
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