Storm Season 1709

The Lunar Invasion

No events of great note take place, which is hardly surprising.

Janno's Travels

The group is by now growing restless, and Thomas is on several occasions heard to mutter about what he's going to do the next time he finds Harry and his tale of his 'picturesque' home country.

Harry Bushtill

Harry attends the great hunt and almost kills Harrek by mistake. Whilst carefully leading Harrek and his crew (minus their boats) out of Balazar Sam the Con Man steals a potion of +18 Characteristic Max POW that Harry has been keeping safe.

The Humakti

In the first few days of the season the group sorrowfully arrives at Corflu. Vlad completes his formal initiation and emerges a full shaman, with a fetch he calls Aroka! Other are heard to whisper that it really is a Dragon spirit.

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