True Transylvannian Delights of the Flesh!

I've just returned from a fix of Transylvannian delights, this time the tour version of the stage show which played at the North Wales Theatre, Llandudno.

The cast was the usual chaotic mix of actors and audience. Barrie Humphries in my opinion wasn't the greatest Narrator (boooooo, hisssss, boring) ever. Frank (who's Tim Curry?) was, as ever, in a world of his own. The understudy playing Eddie (don't mention Eddie!) / Dr (von) Scott (Sieg! Heil!) made a very good Professor, even if the delivery boy's delivery wasn't good enough.

On-Stage Characters

Special Loughborough participation Lines

It's not easy having a good time - Try Alton Towers!
What charming underclothes you both have - They're Marks & Sparks!
It's no crime giving yourself over to pleasure - It is for Fergie!

Narrator specials

Charles Grey
Where's your fucking neck?
Barrie Humphries
Nicholas Parsons
(after ' was certain to be') The Sale of The Century!

Don't Dream It... Be It!

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