Swedish Chef on the net


I first started talking 'on-line' back in December 1994, on Compuserve's CB channels (now called Chat channels), mostly hanging around Band II Channel 10.

These days I can be found both on irc and various CI$ forums/Chat.

For a good fun hour of entertainment, grab a look at the quizzes run in Compuserve's Intimate Adult Chat Forum (GO ICHAT) Games Zone each night (a game both US and Europe nights).

I have made any number of close friends within the networks walls... So come join the party... just grab a server, and say Hi!

For a long while (and I occasionally still look in now and then), I used to hang out on the #SACTavern channel.

Mostly I hang out on the DALnet, under the moniquer of Swedish_Chef. Look me up among the rest of the zanies on #30+cozy_cafe or #30+kickin'back.


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