Swedish Chef's Recepies




Scrape and dry the fish, but don't rinse it. Split the fish along the backbone and remove it. Remove all the remaining bones (easiest done with a pair of flat-nosed pliars). Mix sugar and salt and work into the fish. Place the pine twigs or dillweed on a serving platter and place one of the pieces of fish on top of the bed thus formed, skin side down. Season with crushed white peppar and dillweed and top with the second piece of fish, flesh side down. Cover with more pine twigs or dillweed, wrap in aluminium foil. Place somewhere cool and dark for 48 hours, turning once. Discard the marinade.

Cut the fish in thin, skinfree, slices at an angle to the skin. Serve with a mustard/ sugar sauce (soon to appear on here), and serve with white bread (tunnbröd if you are lucky enough to get it, sometimes available from IKEA).

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