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Here are some of the airlines I've ended up using through the years

British Midland

A member of the Airlines of Europe group. Great service at good prices, especially on the all-economy class flights. Yet another member of the Star Alliance.


Lots of flights into and out of Scandinavia, good worldwide partners in the ever expanding Star Alliance. Probably the airline I use the most.

US Airways

Formerly known as USAir. Plenty of connections throughout the Eastern and Central US with some European connections.

It has just been announced that United Airlines will be taking over US Airways. See the UAL news release for details.

United Airlines

What more need be said than "Boeing 777"? One hint of use on long haul flights in economy is that the only seat which does not have an electronics box stealing leg room is the middle seat in the centre section.

Virgin Atlantic

Until the advent of the 777, the best way to fly outside of Singapore Airlines, especially in economy.


They probably have the closest co-operation with a European airline of any of the big US lines in their link with KLM. They generally have the cheapest return fare to/from Europe on routes these 2 airlines fly.

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